Know Now. Live Longer

Know Now. Live Longer. World AIDS Sunday Information and Downloadable Toolkit



A Crisis

The numbers do not lie. The Memphis area is experiencing a crisis when it comes to HIV/AIDS. At the end of 2009, there were 7,156 reported cases of HIV/AIDS in the Memphis area, and African-Americans accounted for 81 percent of those cases. While only 113 cases were reported by Hispanics, the rate of incidence (27 per 100,000) is twice the national rate.
Although there is no cure for AIDS, the disease is no longer a death sentence. With treatment and proper care, an individual living with HIV can expect to live a long and healthy life. We also know treatment reduces transmission rates. But, an estimated 42 percent of HIV-positive Memphis-area residents are not seeking treatment for the disease. This needs to change.
Call To Action
These dire circumstances led the Memphis Ryan White Program to launch its Know Now. Live Longer. campaign to connect HIV-positive residents in the Memphis area with the medical and emotional support to live long and healthy lives.
The Memphis Ryan White Program is a federally funded program administered by Shelby County Government that provides free HIV-related health care services and support through community organizations such as The Med’s Adult Special Care Clinic, Hope House, Mobile Ministry of Dentistry and The Crisis Center. It assists individuals living in Shelby, Fayette, Tipton, Crittenden, DeSoto, Marshall, Tate and Tunica counties in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. You can learn more about the HIV health care crisis, the Memphis Ryan White Program and the Know Now. Live Longer. campaign by visiting
The Faith Community
There is a strong connection between Memphis-area residents and their places of worship. Faith leaders are moral compasses to individuals searching for guidance on financial, political and health care issues. With the assistance of faith leaders, the Memphis Ryan White Program can reach members of the community who are struggling with HIV or know someone who is. Faith leaders have the ability to direct those individuals to seek the assistance of the Program’s free services.
Worlds AIDS Sunday 2011
As communities around the globe gather to observe World AIDS Day this December, our leaders throughout the Mid-South are committed to raising awareness about our HIV/AIDS crisis and working together to reduce its impact. This communitywide effort will connect health care providers with faith leaders to battle the negative stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS and encourage support for those living with the disease to seek the care they need to live long and healthy lives. The initiative will launch on Nov. 8 with a news conference hosted by the Shelby County Mayor’s Office. 
At the news conference, Mayor Luttrell will also announce that local places of worship will participate in World AIDS Sunday on Sunday, Dec. 4. World AIDS Sunday activities will vary depending on the preferences of congregations. Suggested activities include a health care-focused sermon, inclusion of Know Now. Live Longer. information in bulletins and announcements, and disseminating stickers and red ribbons to congregation members to promote and support this effort.
What YOU Can Do
We invite you to host a World AIDS Sunday at your place of worship.
Know Now. Live Longer. representatives can provide you with everything you need to host a meaningful World AIDS Sunday at your place of worship. A toolkit including the following items will be provided. Additional resources may be available upon request.
  1. Text for inclusion in announcements, bulletins, newsletters and websites.
  2. Script for you to share during the service. You are free to enhance this as you see fit.
  3. Special World AIDS Sunday buttons for church leadership to wear to promote and show support for the communitywide campaign. Know Now. Live Longer. stickers for congregation members to wear on World AIDS Sunday.
  4. Posters for bulletin boards, meeting areas and classrooms.
  5. Postcards to accompany church bulletins handed out during worship services.
  6. Videos to share during worship services.
Upon interest, spokespeople from the Know Now. Live Longer. campaign may be available for speaking engagements at your church. Testing services may also be arranged with local health care providers.
For More Information
If you would like to learn more about the Ryan White Program, World AIDS Sunday activities, or how you and/or your congregation can get involved, please call Dorcas Young at (901) 379-7512 or email her at